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Following todays general audience, Pope Benedict XVI returned to his apartment in the Apostolic Palace. The Papal Apartment has been renovated following the death of Pope John Paul the Great.

Welcome home!


Today is the feast day of St. Wenceslaw, just as in Christmas Carol, “Good King Wenceslaus”.

Today is the feast day of St. Vincent De Paul.

Maria Vittoria was born on February 1, 1805. Her parents, Claude Michael and Anne Mery were farmers.
At the age of 20, she entered a newly founded religious order called the Sisters of St. Regis. She took the name Therese.
She died on September 26, 1885. On May 10, 1970 Theresa was canonized by Pope Paul VI.

Wedding season is starting to wind down. I still have two weddings left this year. For some reason, October has become a popular month for wedding. The days of the June brides are fading.

As I was thinking about all the weddings I have been part of, and all the rehearsals I have coordinated, I thought of the many so-called “Bridezillas” I have encountered. Is it inevitable that every bride will become crazy? While I don’t think so, it sure seems that way.

Planning a wedding, expecially a large one, is a demanding and exhausting task. Many brides dream of the “perfect” wedding. Usually that is modeled after something they have seen on TV or in a movie. Unfortunately, those weddings aren’t reality. To have a wedding like that requires an extreme amount of planning and cost. As time passes, they realize that the wedding of their dreams is impossible and the frustration starts to build.

I wish more brides (and grooms) would put as much time and effort into planning the marriage as they put in planning the wedding.

An anonymous cardinal revealed the contents of his diary to the Italian newspaper, “Limes”. Acknowledging he was violating his oath of secrecy, felt the results of the conclave votes should be part of the historic record.

I hope he is the only Cardinal who felt that way. I am very dissapointed in him. He should be setting a better example.

I read this on the Vatican Radio website. If I had read it anywhere else, I would have thought it was one of those internet hoaxes.
The thought of people placing the life of an animal above that of a unborn human is horrifying. Human life in ANY stage of development is precious and sacred.
“Meanwhile, the scientist who created Dolly the sheep, Ian Wilmut, argued that human embryonic stem cells should be used, in order to save animals from being used in tests. The Scottish newspaper Herald reported Sept. 8 that Wilmut argued that this research would be “more ethical.” “
I don’t know what to say other than that I pray he comes to his senses.

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Zenit and Vatican Radio are reporting that new Vatican regulations state that all large groups touring St. Peter’s Basilica must now use headsets for their tours. The guide speaks into a microphone that transmits to the headsets.

I am delighted that St. Peter’s is once again becoming an environment for prayer.

In his statement, Archbishop Hughes speaks about the challenges of being away from home and the desire to return home.

He asked all New Orleans Catholic to remain in contact with the home diocese through the internet.

Closing with a pledge of prayers for his dispersed flock and requesting prayers for himself, Archbishop Hughes said, “I believe that God calls us to move from being victims to victors in Christ Jesus.”

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